PF Engine [Production Flow Engine]

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Faster, more flexible planning of production processes with visual, AI-based plug-and-play software

Strategic production planning reinvented: Due to new technologies and market disruptions, today, planners must constantly replan. They must monitor bottlenecks in the long term to be able to deliver in the short term. Yet current software either does not utilize capacities optimally or takes effort in implementation and use.

With the software PF Engine, our Production Flow Engine, we replace complicated Excel spreadsheets and SAP transactions with a purely visual user interface, and our newly developed AI finds the optimal way to manufacture all products, automated and in just seconds. Furthermore, we need minimal data, no interfaces, and just one day per location to implement our software.

By following this approach, we cut planning time by 75 percent, as demonstrated at 40 locations of a leading manufacturer in drive and control technology, increase capacity and sales, reduce investment needs, and contribute to sustainability through extended machine lifetime. Overall, we could prove an annual EBIT effect of 500,000 EUR.