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We reinvent supply chain planning with visual, AI-powered software

We at SupplyET® are a research-driven startup developing supply chain planning software that optimizes cost, sales, and emissions through novel algorithms and intuitive design.

This is illustrated by our first product PF Engine, a powerful software for strategic production planning that is easy to use and can be implemented in days. Developed with Fraunhofer, the software replaces complicated Excel spreadsheets and SAP transactions with a purely visual user interface, and our newly developed AI automatically finds the optimal way to manufacture all products in seconds.

Our global proof-of-concept at a leading manufacturer in drive and control technology has shown: This approach saves 75 percent time, increases capacity and sales, reduces investment needs, and contributes to sustainability.

Faster, more flexible planning: Let us give superpowers to supply chain planners

For companies

We continue to develop our software PF Engine. If you want to plan more efficiently, transparently, and flexibly, contact us. As a pilot customer, you gain preferred access and can participate in shaping our software.

For investors

In addition to piloting our software PF Engine, we are looking for investors to scale up our team. Ideally, you can introduce us to potential customers in the industry. In that case, feel free to get in touch.

For partners

To enter the market, we plan to collaborate with ecosystem and distribution partners. If you are helping companies improve supply chain processes or implement IT solutions for planning, let us talk.

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