NF Engine [Network Flow Engine]

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Holistic optimization of complex, real-world logistics networks for better decision making

Next-generation network optimization: Many companies span multinational logistics networks. Being able to serve customers fast while minimizing costs are primary objectives. Strategic planning involves making decisions about where to locate sites, what inventory to maintain, where to produce goods, and how to transship goods within the network.

To support these decisions, we radically improve upon today’s solutions by harnessing the power of massively-parallel simulation and evolutionary algorithms. The result: lower warehousing and transportation cost, reduced emissions, and improved customer service. Even better yet, we achieve these effects especially in case of large, complex logistics networks where existing solutions struggle.

Having completed basic research and large-scale experiments with real data, NF Engine is still under development. Together with PF Engine, these two solutions will shape SupplyET’s portfolio, and will boost strategic planning and optimization of production and logistics through latest methods from computer science.